Beata Beatus - HICAP 

The Beata Beatus Healing Intensive Creative Arts Program- HICAP; a project of New Sun Rising, is an encouraging, empowerment program that fosters healing & restoration in adolescent girls.

Our mission is to create a foundation and facilitate a path for adolescent girls to live healthy holistic lives through the creative arts, integrative health techniques & encouragement.

The Beata Beatus HICAP can receive tax deductible monetary & tangible donations as a 501(c)3 organization, we are a fiduciary group in partnership with New Sun Rising.

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Beata Beatus - This is for US

This is for US is a project catering to young adults, monthly vlogs will worship /discuss scripture along with it correlating to our testimonies & to our stories.

We know that we’re not just wearing words on a shirt. The word of God can get us through life’s situations, through depression, sleepless nights or frustrating familial issues. This is about sharing & encouraging others through the word& worship as we strive towards the mark in our lives. This is for US.

We’re not just Wearing It - We are Living It.

To view our vlogs, visit our YouTube page